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If we are supposed to cut dairy out, why is the SQWARE MEALS Whey Shake option offered?

The 30-Day Detox, Reboot & Transformation is our version of an elimination diet. It is designed to help you learn about your body’s relationship with the foods you ingest. Many elimination diets are very strict about DO this and DON’T DO that. We take a slightly softer approach, because our ultimate goal isn’t to cut foods out of your life, but to help you understand how to incorporate all of the best natural, whole-foods that are right for your body. We want to help you Eat for Life.

The SQWARE MEALS 30-Day program allows a cheat meal each week, because we believe that a little bit of anything isn’t really bad for you and is a part of life. Most dairy, unless 100% Organic, contains impurities like antibiotics, hormones, pesticides and many more. However, if you’ve chosen the SQWARE MEALS Whey-Based Shakes, DON’T WORRY! The swiig Whey Proteins in SQWARE MEALS are highly-filtered and originate from farms we know, with the strictest farming standards. The filtration process removes the majority of the lactose and we allow no GMOs, hormones or antibiotics in our whey.

Clean whey protein is highly bio-available, which means your body can absorb it easily and effectively. Protein is the building block for all of the cells in your body, so it is important that during this 30-Day program, you have a consistent source of clean protein. With 2 SQWARE MEALS Shakes a day, you’re getting a great source of protein with none of the bad stuff! After all, our founder’s motto is “You are what your food eats.”

What are some ways to prepare the SQWARE MEALS supplement powder?

The most basic preparations would be to just shake/blend your SQWARE MEALS Shake with water or unsweetened almond milk. Depending on your goal for that particular meal, you can add everything from fruits to vegetables to healthy fats and blend with ice (see our recipes). Once you become familiar with how many grams are in a portion of any macro, it will become easy to create amazing, healthy shakes that will fit your objectives.

What if I feel sluggish and tired all the time?

There are 2 common reasons for feeling drained during the 30-Day Detox, Reboot & Transformation. First, you may be consuming too few calories. No one should be eating less than 1600 calories. No matter what your current caloric target is, you can easily add 10% more calories throughout your day by adding in one more snack or by adding a little more to the plate each time you eat.

The second reason you may be feeling sluggish, especially if it is in the first 2 weeks of the 30-Day program, is that you are detoxing! This is completely normal! If you’ve adjusted your caloric target, be patient and allow your body to catch up. Once this initial detox is complete, you’ll begin to gain your energy back.

What if I’m following the meal plan and I’m STILL hungry?

It is fairly common to feel hungry for your first few days on the 30-Day Detox, Reboot & Transformation. Depending on your caloric intake prior to starting the Reboot, you may have made too dramatic a cut in those calories. If you are still feeling hungry after the first week, just like if your energy is low, you may need to adjust up! We don’t want you hungry!

What is the nutritional information for the SQWARE MEALS Shake supplement?

For the most complete information, check the website or see your 30-Day Detox, Reboot & Transformation guide. In a nutshell, SQWARE MEALS is a smart choice for a Nutrient-Dense Daily Nutritional Shake.

When and how often should I take THE Fat Burner or add Get Regular into my shake?

Depending on your goals, THE Fat Burner should be taken twice a day, 30 minutes before meals. Get Regular can be added once or twice a day into your shake if digestion is a challenge.

What do I drink if I can’t drink coffee?

We know…eliminating coffee for 30 days sounds ridiculously hard to do, but we have a solution – roasted chicory root. There is a product called Teeccino Organic Chicory Herbal Coffee Alternative that many previous participants have loved! It has the same dark, rich flavor that coffee has – without the acid OR caffeine. It helps boost immunity because it contains antioxidants, helps reduce inflammation, and contains prebiotics that are beneficial for digestion. Find it at many health food stores or online.

What about white potatoes?

We’d like you to stay away from white potatoes and instead recommend using red potatoes (this is only after Week 2). Red potatoes contain a higher amount of vitamins and minerals compared to white potatoes.

Is apple cider vinegar allowed?

Yes! It’s a vinegar that is allowed throughout the entire 30-Day Detox, Reboot & Transformation program and beyond. Because of it’s fermented properties, apple cider vinegar helps to cleanse the body and kill unwanted bacteria. It has also been shown to help regulate blood glucose levels.

Which yogurt is OK to eat during the 30-Day program?

Any non-dairy yogurts are OK to eat. For example, coconut milk yogurt and almond milk yogurt are great options.

Are all oats gluten-free?

Surprisingly enough, not all oats are guaranteed gluten-free. Usually, this has to do with the facility in which the oats are packaged. Please read the package to make sure the oats that you’re eating are certified gluten-free.

Is there a suggested amount of water that I need to drink every day?

Please reference our note about Hydration here.

What if I don't start the 30-Day program exactly on Day 1?

No problem at all. You can start the program whenever is convenient for you! You can still interact via Facebook, as well as utilize all of the meal plans recipes and everything else you'll need available on our website.

Am I allowed a cheat meal?

Yes! You are allowed one cheat meal each week. We like eating our one cheat meal on a Friday or Saturday night, but if your birthday is on a Tuesday this year…enjoy.