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How to Customize the Program

Because we are all different, we each have specific caloric requirements to keep us healthy and achieve our goals. If you’ve been eating poorly, those choices can actually change your metabolism and even your physiology. The 30-Day Detox, Reboot & Transformation is a great way to get back on the right path. You can use it to reset your patterns, cravings and mindset by controlling your caloric intake along with your macronutrient ratios. In this program, all participants should be eating a diet comprised of 40% carbs, 40% protein and 20% healthy fats.

Of course, because each of you starting this program has a different metabolism and activity level, we’ll need to identify which meal plan you should probably be on. We based our Perfect 30 meal plan on an 1800 calorie/day diet. The easiest way to adjust up or down is to take a 10% smaller portion at each meal for a 1600 calorie/day diet or a 10% larger portion at each meal for a 2000 calorie/day diet. You must consume at least 1600 calories a day no matter how big/small or active/inactive you are.

If at any point of the 30-Day program you feel chronically tired, it may be an indication that you may need to jump to the higher meal plan. It is unlikely that you are feeling sluggish from overeating if you are keeping within the suggested caloric intake.

Whether your goal for the 30-Day Detox, Reboot & Transformation is to become more mindful of nutrition or you’re on a path to weight loss, use the following charts to determine whether you should follow the recommended 1800, 1600 or 2000 calorie meal plan. Though we suggest choosing a plan (target) and sticking with it for 30 days, you can always consume more calories if you are an extremely active person.