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So, you may have noticed that we like to share and make SQWARE MEALS a social thing. We share our photos, recipes, our shakes and share info and meal tips whenever we can. That is why we created an open, public group on Facebook to share all that stuff with you called SQWARE MEALS – Complete Meal System. You can log on at any time and share your stuff too.

We also have a free monthly Facebook group for the 30-Day Detox, Reboot & Transformation program. These groups are dedicated to the program itself and are for recipes that members on the program want to share, questions about the program’s components, as well as support and motivation from the moderators and other members. You may also see Dan Young, our founder, posting to the group too! Everyone can use a helping hand and a little boost when taking on a challenge like the 30-Day Detox, Reboot & Transformation program, so why not get that here?

Each 30-Day program Facebook group has a limited number of participants. As SQWARE MEALS grows, so will the number of members allowed in each group. We want to keep these groups as intimate as possible and make sure that everyone in the group has access to answers in a timely manner. These groups are open to join on the 15th of each month for a 30-Day program beginning on the 1st of the following month. For instance:

A 30-Day program Facebook group starting: 10.1.20
Begins Accepting members on:
And would be called:
SQWARE MEALS 30-Day DR&T, October 2020

Just search on Facebook for the next group and request to join. Once the moderator accepts you, you’re all set. Once you’re admitted, you will be able to view the Team Sqware Meals posts, other participants’ posts and post things yourself! We ask that you share recipe ideas, questions and even comments you may have throughout the program. Feel free to post pictures of your recipes, refrigerators, cabinets, pets (haha), etc. Anything relating to the 30-Day program is welcome! Of course, you can start a 30-Day program anytime you want, but the Facebook support groups will only run this way.


We didn’t start the whole Before/After photo thing, but we do kinda like it (hanging that Before photo on your fridge can be a great motivator). If you’d like to share your Before/After photos, you may do so on any of our SQWARE MEALS  Facebook groups or on Instagram. We’d love to see your success! If you do share photos on Facebook or Instagram, you can let us know by simply using the hashtags #sqwaremeals, #imasqware, #perfect30, #detoxed, #rebooted, #transformed. Thanks for joining and stay healthy!