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How do we make this SQWARE MEALS program about you?

SQWARE MEALS can help you “rediscover healthy,” but what does that mean for you? The goal of the 30-Day Detox, Reboot & Transformation program is to guide your personal journey to eating cleaner and helping your body function better. SQWARE MEALS, and this program, can help:

  1. Manage Your Weight
  2. Increase Your Energy
  3. Reduce Hunger
  4. Improve Nutrient Absorption

If any (or all) of these goals are the reason for your participation, just using SQWARE MEALS during the 30-Day program will provide these benefits. But, you may have one specific goal in mind. Your goal may be to get off processed foods or processed sugar, or to increase your daily energy levels. For many people, the goal is weight loss. While this isn’t a “diet” program, most people that have completed the 30-Day program have reported healthy weight loss. The SQWARE MEALS shake is rich in proteins, antioxidants, probiotics and more, so by drinking 2 shakes a day for 30 days and sticking to this program, you will see results, but you need to figure out your primary goal, because it really is all about you!​

No matter your goal, you must drink 2 shakes a day on this program. Your minimum daily caloric intake must be at least 1600 calories on this program. There will be some opportunities to adjust your caloric intake during the 30-Day Program, but this is the basis for customizing your journey and outcomes.

SQWARE MEALS wants to help you achieve your wellness or performance goals, for the next 30 days, the next 60 days and throughout your lifetime. You will learn how easy and inexpensive it can be to eat right for your body and your goals, now and for the rest of your life!