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You made it! You should be proud of yourself for toughing your way through the SQWARE MEALS 30-Day Detox, Reboot & Transformation program. Hopefully the reward is that you feel better than you have in a long, long time. Not only have you been fueling your body with what it needs to build a better you, but you have mentally taken better control of your relationship with food. Whether you know it or not, this 30-Day program helped you:

  • Remove Toxins from Your Body
  • Reboot Your Metabolism
  • Build a Few, New (Good) Habits
  • Explore Delicious, Nutrient-Dense Foods
  • Transform the Way You Look & Think About Nutrition
  • Get Healthier & Feel Amazing as you rediscovered healthy – one delicious shake at a time!

The next step on your path is learning to Eat for Life (E4L). We suggest that you continue to use SQWARE MEALS – Complete Meal System throughout your life for the clean nutrition and convenience that the delicious shakes provide. Combining Sqware Meals with the simple guidelines in this section is a great place to start. If you eat the foods that are on the “Eating For Life” list and avoid the foods that are on the “Foods To Avoid For Life” list and drink at least one Sqware Meals shake a day, you’re all set. So, let’s take a look at some potential goals and which plan may be right for you.


Lose – Repeat the 30-Day Program or just continue to drink 2 SQWARE MEALS shakes a day to continue to have weight-loss as a benefit.

Gain – Add a SQWARE MEALS shake or 2 a day as a clean source of nutrition as you continue to build lean muscle.

Maintain – Integrate SQWARE MEALS shakes into your normal daily schedule by drinking 1 shake a day to get 50% of your daily nutrients guaranteed!

No matter which path you choose, we’d hope that if you’d like to maintain good health and wellness, you consider using the many other swiig products we offer to help pursue your personal goals. In the beginning, continue to use the Nutrition Logs to track your calories and macronutrients. Your caloric intake should reflect your goals but will likely be greater than during the 30-Day program. A good new target for your macro breakdown is:

  • 45% Carbohydrate
  • 30% Protein
  • 25% Fat

We know that life is challenging at times and quite frankly, boring if you do the same things day in and day out, so if you need to cheat, go for it! Just try limit cheating meals each week. Team SQWARE MEALS is always here to help you find a way to rediscover healthy and keep it for life.