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E4L Portion Guide

One of the most helpful tools in learning how to Eat for Life is getting a better grasp on portion sizes. Portion sizes obviously have a direct relationship with calorie counts and macronutrient content, so if you are trying to make smart choices daily, having portion size information about the foods and ingredients you're consuming makes that easier.

The charts listed below contain information from the USDA referencing what they consider to be standardized portion sizes for all sorts of foods. As you read through these guides, a great tip is to take particular note of your favorite foods. Is the standard size what you thought?  Are the macronutrients as you imagined they were? Getting a better understanding of your favorites will help you develop a frame of reference for all of the other healthy, delicious and functional foods that are available to you. Of course, you can use these guides or your favorite app as reference whenever you're unsure. Best of luck and health!