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Rediscover healthy – one delicious shake at a time!

Available in Organic Whey or Plant Protein-Based Nutrition (with all the essential amino acids and 50% of the USRDI on over 20 vital nutrients), SQWARE MEALS is a complete, 100% Organic meal for less than $5 and SQWARE MEALS will help you:

  1. Manage Your Weight
  2. Increase Your Energy
  3. Reduce Hunger
  4. Improve Nutrient Absorption

SQWARE MEALS (like all swiig products) is coverd by The swiig Smart Choice GUARANTEE, which is why you can feel confident trying SQWARE MEALS for yourself.

Everything we do at swiig is about Clean Nutrition from Clean Sources. Our clean products and ingredients make eating clean easy and it’s never been easier than with SQWARE MEALS – Complete Meal System. The result of 19+ years in the nutrition industry, SQWARE MEALS is your smart choice for a nutrient-dense daily nutritional shake which fuels you with the right (and delicious) blend of organic proteins, carbs, fiber, healthy fats, vitamins & minerals from 40+ superfoods.

SQWARE MEALS has no GMO ingredients, no hormones, no antibiotics, no artificial additives, and no synthetic sweeteners. This raw, enzymatically-alive, minimally-processed blend of Super-Proteins, Super-Fruits, Super-Veggies, Super-Adaptogens & Super-Probiotics delivers clean nutrition, in functional levels, directly to your body’s cellular level to combat environmental toxins, exposure to stress, and the cumulative effects of an inactive or unhealthy lifestyle in one, easy-to-mix serving.

More Reason SQWARE MEALS Might Be Right for You


SQWARE MEALS is blended to give your body the clean nutrition it needs to help you towards health and vitality.


Nutritious, portable meals or snacks that blend or shake up in minutes and won’t slow you down.


An entire delicious Organic meal for under $5 is a smart (and sensible) choice.


With whey or plant-based options and an array of swiig products to customize your daily shakes.


You get to care for yourself and your body when, where and as much as you wish. Embrace your wellness.